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Every Ninkee is made from at least 92% raw agricultural ingredients sourced from Wales, the UK and E.U.

Meat from farmers in West Wales

Dewi James of Cardigan supplies our meat from farms in West Wales. They are a family business that has been supplying quality meat for over 60 years. 


No Palm oil in Ninkees!

Blodyn Aur Cold-pressed Welsh rapeseed oil. Rich in omega-3, vitamin E and with less than half the saturated fat of olive oil. It has a pleasant aroma with a light nutty taste. 

Flour from Cotswald Millers FWP Mathews

Situated on the edge of the Cotswald hills, FWP Mathews provides the specialised flour for our Ninkees.


We use British grown beans and Pulses

Hodmedods supply British grown Haricot beans and pulses for our Ninkees. Hodmedods won the BBC best food producer award in 2017!

At Ninkee we believe fast food doesn't have to be unhealthy food


We have worked hard to reduce sugar, salt and saturated fat. Click on links below to find out more.



Click on flavours below for ingredients, allergens and nutritional information



Our chilli con carne is made with beef mince, vegetables and British haricot beans. The spiciness is medium.



Our Welsh rarebit is a classic recipe, made from mature Welsh cheddar cheese, butter, milk, and spiced with mustard and Worcester sauce.



Our traditional bolognaise sauce is made from beef, tomato and vegetables with red grape juice, garlic and herbs.



The spicy bean is made from British haricot beans with tomato sauce. The spiciness comes from the white pepper and paprika.


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