Healthier Choices -

Our ingredients cost us a bit more, but we think you are worth it





Steamed rolls typically use much less saturated fat than pastry and fried snacks. The oil we do use is premium quality cold pressed rapeseed oil. Click here to see why.




We use LoSalt in our recipes to give all the flavour with 1/3rd of the sodium. Baking powder makes our rolls light and fluffy, but we use a no sodium raising agent instead of traditional sodium bicarbonate.


Ninkee uses Erythritol to keep sugar low, but still giving the sweet flavours that make our rolls so delicious. Click here to learn about Erythritol



In some of our fillings we also use a very small amount of Steviol Glucoside. It has to be a very small amount as it is 200 times as sweet as sugar! 

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